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Rock'n Orchestra Band Dinner (Per Band Member) 50.63(USD) 405.04(USD)
Rock’n Orchestra 8-pc - 3.5 Hour Minimum 20812.50(USD) 20812.50(USD)
Rock’n Orchestra 14-pc -3.5 Hour Minimum 30937.50(USD) 30937.50(USD)
Rock’n Orchestra 12-pc - Addt'l 30-Minutes 2362.50(USD) 2362.50(USD)
Rock’n Orchestra 10-pc - Addt'l 30-Minutes 2025.00(USD) 2025.00(USD)
Rock’n Orchestra 14-pc - Addt'l 30-Minutes 2700.00(USD) 2700.00(USD)
Rock’n Orchestra 12-pc - 3.5 Hour Minimum 27562.50(USD) 27562.50(USD)
Rock’n Orchestra 9-pc - Addt'l 30-Minutes 1856.25(USD) 1856.25(USD)
Rock’n Orchestra 9-pc - 3.5 Hour Minimum 22500.00(USD) 22500.00(USD)
Rock’n Orchestra 8-pc - Addt'l 30-Minutes 1687.50(USD) 1687.50(USD)
Rock’n Orchestra 10-pc - 3.5 Hour Minimum 24187.50(USD) 24187.50(USD)

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Event Total : 21217.54(USD)