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Item Unit Price Qty Total Price
Best of Shellfish (pp) 210.00(USD) 2100.00(USD)
Planter of Herbs Award (Per Each) 91.00(USD) 910.00(USD)
Bucket of Smarties Award (Per Each) 11.20(USD) 112.00(USD)
Logo Wine Bottle (Per Each) 35.00(USD) 350.00(USD)
Salt & Pepper Grinders (Per Each) 70.00(USD) 700.00(USD)
Monogrammed Aprons (Per Each) 49.00(USD) 490.00(USD)
Breakfast in Bed Award (For Two) 840.00(USD) 840.00(USD)
Mystery Culinary Basket (Per Each) 140.00(USD) 1400.00(USD)
4 Foot Silver Fork (Per Each) 140.00(USD) 1400.00(USD)
Recipe Books (Per Each) 28.00(USD) 280.00(USD)
Monogrammed Chef Hat (Per Each) 21.00(USD) 210.00(USD)
Printed T-Shirts (Per Each) 21.00(USD) 210.00(USD)
Boxed Chocolate Logo (Per Each) 14.00(USD) 140.00(USD)
Wooden Spoon Award (Per Each) 7.00(USD) 70.00(USD)
Celebrity Chef 1400.00(USD) 14000.00(USD)
Video of Event 8400.00(USD) 84000.00(USD)

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Event Total : 2100.00(USD)