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29 Min, 800 Max

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Item Unit Price Qty Total Price
Build-A-Boat (20-29 Guests) 3654.00(USD) 3654.00(USD)
Guide 4 Hour Minimum (Local Event Staff) 207.90(USD) 207.90(USD)
Minicoach 23 PAX (3 Hour Minimum) 486.78(USD) 486.78(USD)
Minicoach 24 PAX (Per Addt'l Hour) 170.10(USD) 170.10(USD)
Minicoach 23 PAX (Per Addt'l Hour) 162.26(USD) 162.26(USD)
Certified Tour Guide (4 Hour Minimum) 420.00(USD) 420.00(USD)
Certified Tour Guide (Per Addt'l Hour) 105.00(USD) 105.00(USD)
Minicoach 24 PAX (4 Hour Minimum) 680.40(USD) 680.40(USD)
Build-A-Boat (100-800 Guests, pp) 75.60(USD) 7560.00(USD)
Guide Per Addt'l Hour (Local Event Staff) 51.98(USD) 51.98(USD)
Build-A-Boat (30-39 Guests) 4032.00(USD) 4032.00(USD)
Build-A-Boat (50-99 Guests, pp) 81.90(USD) 4095.00(USD)
Build-A-Boat (40-49 Guests) 4410.00(USD) 4410.00(USD)

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Event Total : 3861.90(USD)