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Item Unit Price Qty Total Price
Casino - 1 roulette table with one dealer 806.40(USD) 806.40(USD)
Casino - 1 craps table with three dealers 1379.70(USD) 1379.70(USD)
Casino - 5 blackjack tables with one dealer each 2646.00(USD) 2646.00(USD)
Casino - 10 Alternating red and black linens 478.80(USD) 478.80(USD)
Casino - 1 pit boss 252.00(USD) 252.00(USD)
Casino - 2 Texas Hold’em tables with stools and one dealer each 1134.00(USD) 1134.00(USD)
Casino - 4 Multi-colored dice trimmed in neo-neon 504.00(USD) 504.00(USD)
Casino - 4 Oversized playing cards (neo-neon) 378.00(USD) 378.00(USD)
Casino - Stage 1134.00(USD) 1134.00(USD)
Casino - Card entry arch with company logo 1222.20(USD) 1222.20(USD)
Casino - 10 Lady Luck centerpieces 819.00(USD) 819.00(USD)
Casino - 12 Ficus trees with sparkling mini-lights 680.40(USD) 680.40(USD)
Casino - White T-shirt with Gambling Design & Screened Logo 8.19(USD) 8.19(USD)
Casino - Velour Tokens & Tickets with Company Name & Logo 7.25(USD) 7.25(USD)
Casino - Playing Cards with Company Name & Logo 6.30(USD) 6.30(USD)
Casino - Dice Shaped Desk Clock 25.20(USD) 25.20(USD)
Casino - 100 Coordinating napkins 221.45(USD) 221.45(USD)
Casino - Chocolate Casino coins 220.50(USD) 220.50(USD)
Casino - Mesh Bag with Chocolate Casino Chips, Dice & Coins 4.66(USD) 4.66(USD)
Casino - Lady Luck actress/hostess 630.00(USD) 630.00(USD)
Casino - Caricaturist 693.00(USD) 693.00(USD)
Casino - The Rat Pack Tribute 3370.50(USD) 3370.50(USD)
Casino - Rat Pack Tribute with 5 piece band 5638.50(USD) 5638.50(USD)
Casino - High Energy DJ 1134.00(USD) 1134.00(USD)
Casino - 2 Costumed Vegas-style dancers 1008.00(USD) 1008.00(USD)
Casino - Walk-around magician 945.00(USD) 945.00(USD)
Casino - Psychic 630.00(USD) 630.00(USD)

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Event Total : 11434.50(USD)